karen schoellkopf


the wedding gift

16-1/2 x 16-1/2" 
plexiglass, plastic, velcro, adhesive, polaroid, transparency, paper, ink
2 unique pieces (inscribed to kevin thurston and his wife christine, and to dan toulson and his wife dorothy)

this project sprang out of trying to figure out what to get two separate couples, who were getting married. each couple had lived with each other for a while, and seemed to have pretty much all they’d need. I decided that my gift to them would be advice from others, about what they should know in the coming years - what people felt was the most important thing a newlywed couple should know. I interviewed and photographed people on the streets of brooklyn. the plexiglass is covered in plastic and paper flaps, which open to reveal the advice, and an image of the person who gave it. the flaps have different line drawings of instructions about how to tie knots.