karen schoellkopf


the seven deadly sins of times square (gallery installation)

3 1/2’ x 3 1/2’ metal grid, refillable standard postcards on grid, installation dimensions variable

The Seven Deadly Sins of Times Square is a web-based map project that seeks to tie together, assemble, and present the rich historical dangers, pitfalls, and glories of Times Square. It attempts to be part regional travel guide, part map, part history lesson, part morbid fascination. All of the information highlighted in the project is all publicly accessible and findable online (all links are included), and the code was built as open source, so that it can be utilized by others. You are invited to explore this map, and discover the layered history hidden beneath the modern veneer. This project was done with the help of the very talented Patrick Filler (all things code) and Kim Ku (designer extraordinaire). Initially created as a public art project for The Work Office, this was a new version created for gallery installation, with cards that people can take with them, highlighting data points from the map.