karen schoellkopf


crush cards

collaboration: karen schoellkopf and diana parrington
cards, envelopes, ink, wooden holders
replenish-able installation
dimensions variable

this project sprang out of a desire to get people talking to the people it’s hardest to be honest with: crushes. the crush (or the encounter) may have lasted one night, or have been stretching on silently for months, so diana and i designed a to-the-point method of saying what you are too shy to say. inspired by 4th grade note passing, we set up the installation with a limitless supply of cards and envelopes. diana carved and stained the wood holders with her father. to our surprise, we refilled the installation several times before the evening was out. and more than one person came up to me afterwards to admit the had found a crush card which had been slipped into their bag or pocket. we deemed the project a success, and look forward to future projects which continue to follow a similar mode of audience interaction.