karen schoellkopf



collaboration: karen schoellkopf and megan gavin
silkscreen book on paper, handbound
numbered edition of 30, unsigned
4 x 6"

almost invariably, when one thinks of a successful artist, the first image that comes to mind is the lone individual, a man, painting with incredible seriousness and gravity a large canvas in a large room: the driven individual alone, in the throes of expression, a romantic figure.in training, we are encouraged to think in series, to create a cohesive body of"mature" work. we seek not to reject this, but to explore other possibilities for expression and communication.

we began working on this book as a way to experiment with a medium that has fascinated both of us for quite some time: the book.drawing from a rich history of sequential art, ranging from the dime store comic book, to the underground proliferation of xeroxed "zines", to the highly produced (and priced) "artist book", we decided to take what we thought was the best the medium has to offer.we are interested in producing something tactile, something that the viewer can hold in the palm of his or her hand, something intimate.we like the idea of producing a work, which is relatively cheap to purchase, a non-exclusive commodity that is available to all. 

as a partnership, we seek not to absolve the individual of responsibility for the product but to foster productivity through community, to become more effective through collaboration and to create work that is intimate and widely accessible.we seek to remove some of the deadly gravity from the process of creation without affecting the quality or the importance of the work, and this book is the first in a series of projects we hope to produce for this end.